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Manifestation is powerful! You are what you think!

Actualizado: 29 ene 2022

What you think or what you say can have a positive or destructive impact on all areas of your life. Have you heard of the old saying the power of life and death lies in the tongue?

Well, have you considered, it starts in your mind first. Your mind positions your tongue to be able to fluently speak your thoughts, it also enables your body to operate to carry out certain bodily functions.

Think about it; you seek success but you are constantly thinking about failure, you seek happiness but you constantly convince yourself that you are not deserving of happiness, you seek prosperity but you are afraid of money, you seek a healthy lifestyle but you are constantly thinking about all the food you don't need and then you are puzzled as to why you are not progressing and things seem to continue to evolve in a negative compacity.

Imagine if you started thinking positive affirmations, could those positive things possibly start flowing off your tongue and enable your body to align with your positive thoughts. Your mind is a powerful tool; so stay conscious and make sure you keep up the maintenance. What are your thoughts?

~Tonia Lewis

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