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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough for your company to offer a great product or service. You must also provide superior customer service that creates an overwhelming customer experience in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and earn repeat business from both current and potential customers.

It’s no secret that the first impression is always the right one. But did you know that a good part of the customer experience is about feeling? Believe it or not; customers tend to make instinctive choices when purchasing products (guided by their subconscious), but when asked to explain how they came to make that decision (through conscious or rational choice), their responses are a little confused. Which bring us to the next point…

It is important to reach out to the subconscious through good branding management, word of mouth, and rave reviews. All of this affects the purchasing decision and is achieved through the customer experience. 

WHAT IS THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE?In short, the customer experience is what new and returning customers think of your brand. Businesses and customers don't always agree when it comes to describing it globally. Perhaps this is because most leaders confuse experience with service.


Although these terms are similar, they refer to very different things. Customer service refers to one aspect of the customer experience, which takes the form of a purchase or a request for assistance.

Customer experience, on the other hand, also involves interactions with the brand, which go beyond person-to-person interactions. Predicting future purchasing needs and sending out updated offers at the right time are also a part of this, as is branding that echoes the customer's personal values ​​or beliefs.

So while your customer service strategy is one facet of your customer experience strategy, the latter requires a bigger and more detailed plan of attack. 


The client experience is a culmination of marketing that indulges in great substance. A level of substance that encourages the general society to introduce your business in a positive light. Resulting in a combination of great internet reviews, word of mouth recommendations and the use of a well branded marketing solution.  

The client experience opens the window for you to look into how organizations collaborate with clients and what those communications mean for the passionate, scholarly, physical and otherworldly elements of clients. 

Exceptional customer service generates an amazing client experience that empowers your customers to assume a functioning part in the day by day relationship they have with you and your business.

In turn, positioning your business to be able to find better approaches to improve the relationship you have with them in a coordinated effort of proficiency.Remember, your quality interactions with the customers are a source of upstream value. Often overlooked by businesses, but is the number one reason customers choose you.


For today’s consumer, little matters more than customer service quality. Studies have shown that most people are willing to pay more and even overlook imperfections, just as long as they are provided with outstanding customer care.

With so many brands and businesses doing the same these days, customer service standards often determine which take the lead over others.

Just as a poor customer service experience can destroy any business, those who excel in customer care can write their own success stories. Any investment in improving customer care standards is guaranteed to have a positive effect on the way your organization performs.

Remember, customer service don’t just stop with you or your business; it’s everyone’s responsibility inside your business. It’s the lifeblood of business.

If you need assistance creating a customer service strategy plan T&L can definitely assist you in that area. 


Tonia Lewis-Author

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